PHF - Phaser & Flanger

The GNI PHF brings 2 classic modulation effects in a single product. Each effect has a complete and independent set of controls for maximum flexibility. When combined (turned on simultaneously), they can generate impressive results.

Phaser and Flanger are effects created by superposing the instrument’s signal with a phase-shifted copy of itself. The way to create the phase-shifted wave is what makes both effects different. Due to the similarity, most controls act the same way in both effects.

SPEED: Controls the frequency of the "low frequency oscillator" (the "effect wave").
Range: Controls the amplitude of that same wave.
Ress: Part of the phase-shifted signal is fed back into the effect, creating "resonance". This knob controls the intensity of resonance you want in the sound.
Mix: Intensity of the phase-shifted signal to be mixed with the clean sound. Higher settings make the effect stronger.

Demo GNI Phaser Flanger (PHF) - By Pro Guitar Shop