Black Booster - PBB

The Black Booster is a clean volume boost pedal with only one control.
It is easy to use and very powerful. The PBB1 works well when you pump that clean tone up a little and keep it transparent.

It can push your mid gain crunch and help you get that singing sustain, as well as add definition and clarity to you high gain solos. A simple answer for the guitarist's search for more versatile tone.

BOOSTER: Use it to set booster's gain from 0 (no effect) to 12 decibels.

Global Specs
: Standard 9V Battery or Regulated 9 volt DC, center negative power supply. (Note: This product uses up to 30mA, but GNI recommends 300mA supplies due to typically increased robustness/reliability).
Bypass mode: True Bypass
Input Impedance: 500 kΩ
Output impedance: 1 kΩ
Size: 60x105x74 (mm) 2.36x4.13x2.91 (in)
Weight: 435g (0.960 lbs)