GNI's Pocket Compressor uses the latest technology in analog integrated circuits to achieve state of the art results in a versatile and powerful product.


COMP: Intensity of the compression itself.
THRESS (Threshold): Range where the compressor ac-ts. Lower settings compress only signal peaks. Higher settings compress wider range of signals.
GAIN: High Compression and / or Thresholds cause the volume to sound very low. you compensate that increasing overall gain, turning this know clockwise.
HARD/SOFT: this is how fast the compressor acts. When “Hard” (released button), answers are very fast. When “Soft” (pressed button), effect is smoother.

Global Specs

Power: Standard 9V Battery or Regulated 9 volt DC, center negative power supply. (Note: This product uses up to 30mA, but GNI recommends 300mA supplies due to typically increased robustness/reliability).
Bypass mode: True Bypass
Input Impedance: 500 kΩ
Output impedance: 1 kΩ
Size: 60x105x74 (mm) 2.36x4.13x2.91 (in)
Weight: 435g (0.960 lbs)

REVIEW OF COMPRESSOR - by Ricardo Marins